Graphic pumping thing II
A graphic approach to pumping cubes / octahedra. 


On the left: two pumping tetrahedra. On the right: the intersection.

The right is also what..? Snub tetrahedron? Truncated tetrahedron?

It’s a sequence from tetrahedron to truncated tetrahedron to octahedron and back to tetrahedron.
Not sure if the term is generally used, but I’ve seen examples of ‘1/4 truncated and 3/4 truncated’. That would apply here.
Euler’s polyhedron formula
One more Anne Tyng meme…
I wanted to do an Anne Tyng quote in a meme-aesthetic for quite a while…
Pumping tetrahedron and cube - same concept, different colors.
"In recent years, many students have been introduced to to topology in high school mathematics. Having met the Möbius band, the seven bridges of Köningsberg, Euler’s polyhedron formula, and knots, the student is led to expect that these picturesque ideas will come to full flower in university topology courses. What a disappointment "undergraduate topology" proves to be!" In most institutions it is either a service course for analysts, on abstract spaces, or else an introduction to homological algebra in which the only geometric activity is the completion of commutative diagrams. Pictures are kept to a minimum, and at the end the student still does not understand the simplest topological facts, such as the reason why knots exist.
pumping dodecahedron/tetrahedron - new style try-out
Little test inspired by Greg Frederickson and Daniel Wyllie.
Cubo-octahedron containing a cubo-octahedron.